March 20, 2008 at 3:32 am (Fun For The Day) (, , )

A Mr. & Mrs. Wallaby took a vacation in Switzerland for their 10th wedding anniversary. While there they had the misfortune of hiring a tour guide by the name of Olif who was a vocal proponent for communism. Olif had a particular distaste for American Tourists, and took every opportunity to express his distaste by his haughty attitude, condescending words and even abusive language. Olif however did have excellent knowledge of the area and it’s history, and since the Wallaby’s had been forced to pay up-front, they decided to endure Olif’s abrasive behavior.

After three days of non-subtle needling by Olif, things came to a head when Mrs. Wallaby felt a some precipitation on her arm and remarked “Oh, it’s snowing!”

“Stupid American woman!” Olif retorted, “It’s quite obviously rain!”

“See here you arrogant, stuck-up pig,” said a red-faced Mr. Wallaby, who had had quite enough and was losing his temper, “You take that back, and I mean right now!”

Olif, who had been hoping and waiting for a chance to come to blows, began to roll-up his sleeves and with a scowl on his face challenged Mr. Wallaby, a smaller and significantly older man, to do something about it.

Concerned for her husband, Mrs. Wallaby stepped in front of Mr. Wallaby, who seemed foolishly ready to enter in to battle. Hoping to reduce the tension, she said, “Rude Olif, the red, knows rain, Dear!”

Author: Scott Butler


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